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West Linn Refuse & Recycling offers 35-gallon, 65-gallon, or 95-gallon cart options serviced weekly in West Linn. Trusted for garbage pickup, contact us for residential trash services. Call today or fill our request form for a quick quote.

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Garbage Pickup Service Benefits

Garbage pickup is vital for community health, preventing the spread of diseases and pests like mosquitos, rodents, and cockroaches. Our timely residential collection ensures these hazards are promptly removed from your neighborhood. Rest assured, our highly trained staff, residing in your communities, ensure proper disposal of your waste.

Residential Waste Collection

Types of Residential Trash Pickup

Hoodview Disposal & Recycling has curbside trash pickup service with both automated and manual collection. Residential trash pickup service is excellent for:

  • Municipalities

  • Single-family homes

  • Individual subscription service

  • Homeowners associations

Garbage Collection

Local Residential Garbage Collection From West Linn Refuse & Recycling

Treat your community with the dignity and respect it deserves. West Linn Refuse & Recycling employees live in the communities they serve. We’re committed to service with integrity and being responsible neighbors. Call us to start your garbage service or complete a Residential Garbage Collection Request Quote form to get started.

Take the Lead in Safely Disposing of Batteries

Handle batteries with care to prevent fires. Never toss them in curbside bins; it's a matter of safety.

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West Linn Refuse & Recycling offers convenient pickup times and reliable service.